The Transition to The Restaurant Digital Menu Era

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22 Apr 2022


Today, customers expect quick and convenient service. They want to be able to order and pay for their meals without having to wait in line. This is why the introduction of contactless Qr codes was such a breakthrough. It allowed restaurants to offer their customers the same quick service they enjoyed at the drive-thru, but with the added benefit of not having to reach for their wallets or keys.

For years, the humble paper menu has been the go-to method for customers to navigate restaurants. From ordering a meal to find their table, menus have been the primary way that customers interact with restaurants. But with the rise in the popularity of digital menus, the way that customers interact with restaurants has changed. While customers can still use digital menus to order food and find their tables, digital menus offer an even greater level of interactivity that couldn't be achieved with paper menus.

What is a restaurant digital menu?

Digital Menu is an electronic version of a restaurant menu board that customers can easily scan QR codes via their smartphone cameras to access the menu items.  

The Paper menu no longer serves the customer and, in many ways, it has become a burden. The Paper menu has become so bloated with unnecessary items and choices that it is difficult for customers to navigate. The Paper menu is often the cause of customer indecision and frustration. It is difficult for customers to know where to start, what to order, and how to pay without the assistance of a waiter or waitress.

The restaurant industry needs a new way to interact with its customers. Today, customers expect to be able to order their food quickly and easily, and with the introduction of contactless payment terminals, it is now easier than ever for them to do just that. Unfortunately, the Paper menu was designed before this modern era of payments and is not able to keep up with the demand of the customers. With the contactless Qr menu, the Paper menu cannot keep up with the ever-changing needs of the customers.

The paper menu is a thing of the past; today’s customers expect to be able to order and pay for their food via their phone or tablet. That’s why so many restaurants are turning to contactless payments. It’s a much more modern and convenient way to order and pay for your food.

A new, exciting digital menu is ready to welcome you. This is the moment to bring the Qr menu to the next level and offer a better experience for the customers. But how to make the change, when to offer the Qr menu and how to launch it? This document will help you to answer these questions and more!

Benefits of the digital menu for both restaurants and customers:

First: Restaurants

  • Time Management

It will help restaurants to control their time and get multi-customer orders simultaneously.   

  • Lower costs

Printed menus are costly and will lose value over time, as you will renew them many times. In addition, it can be damaged easily, but with a digital menu, it will last without any additional costs.

  • Higher profit

Increasing the number of customers served at the same time will increase your revenue.

  • Editable Menu

You can easily update the menu without the need to make a new one compared with the printed menus. According to a study, 20% of the print menu prices aren't up to date.

  • Memorable customer experience

The visual experience is more memorable than the verbal experience.

  • More loyal customers

A memorable experience will increase your loyal customers and increase your brand knowledge as well.

  • Advertising offers, campaigns, and up-selling

Whatever you want to tell your customer will be done easily in a few minutes.

  • Increase brand awareness

By sharing your last news, updates, campaigns, and social media widgets and encouraging customers to share their experiences.

Second: Customers

  • Reduce waiting times

Most customers cancel their restaurant’s orders due to delays in the service, thus by reducing the waiting time customers will get satisfied with the fast service.

  • An enjoyable visual experience

The visual experience will be more enjoyable than verbal as they will see more interesting images and promotional ads.

  • Health and safety regulations

It will be safer nowadays to have remote communications as per safety regulations.

Monitor your business easily with the most comprehensive platform Whatfoodsmenu

  • Jumpstart to ordering

At Whatfoodsmenu, you have the potential to create or import your electronic menu board and start in no time with a professional digital menu

  • Down Floor plan

You will have a comprehensively organized workspace where you will be able to create an online floor plan for your restaurant to improve the ordering process and get an accurate overview of your restaurant’s capacity.

  • Management system

Whatever you want to manage and track such as dine-in orders, takeaway orders, or delivery orders as well, there isn't anything to stress over. Whatfoodsmenu has an amazing management system.

  • Receive orders via WhatsApp

You will enjoy receiving orders from your customers via WhatsApp. Hurry up! Subscribe to the digital menu in restaurants and let customers order via WhatsApp.

  • Advanced menu builder

Whatfoodsmenu has the most amazing full options menu creator. Thus, you must give it a try and create your digital menu in restaurants in just a few steps.

  • Multi employee

Even if you have a lot of staff, it's easy to run the digital menu on one or more devices, synchronization will be done in seconds.

  • Overall  financial system

Furthermore, no more worries about your expenses and income as by utilizing the whatfoodsmenu you will easily track your expenses, organized by vendor and categories. Then compare with the income made and monitor your business performance.

  • Delivery cost implementation

You will get the delivery fees calculated for the different delivery destinations at ease, all that by the perfect restaurant digital menu.

  • Move orders from the table

With only a single click on your mobile, you will move a complete order from table to table by joining the digital menu for restaurants.

  • POS tool

Whatsfoodmenu POS is everything a restaurant needs, as it is based on a smart interface that your restaurant can use without any difficulty. Because it is so flexible you can configure POS to meet your precise needs with the amazing digital restaurant menu.

Customers will enjoy ordering food with Whatfoodsmenu amazing features such as:

  • Ordering via chat

Yes, that's real Whatsfoodmenu likewise offers the customer an amazing ordering journey by ordering through WhatsApp. What easier than that!

  • QR tool

The customer can find the link to the digital food menu of the restaurant once they scan the QR. After they make their order with the online menu, they can send the order directly to Restaurant's WhatsApp.

  • PWA - Mobile ready

Moreover, this menu is compatible with different devices such as PC, tablets, and phones with Big or small screens. Then, let customers order on the go-through tablet menu for restaurants or the Ipad menu for restaurants.

  • Multi-language

Whatever language the customer speaks, he will get what he wants as Whatfoodsmenu has multi-languages. Thus, you don't have to install any expensive hardware.

  • Variety of payment methods

Last but not least, all ordering stages are flexible from the beginning to the payment methods like cash on delivery or paying directly via a payment link.

By picking Whatfoodsmenu you have settled on the best decision. It is the ideal option to boost your brand and grow your business within built marketing. While using the digital menu, you will observe how it is simple and comprehensive. Moreover, you will save time and effort and get more revenue. It's truly a value for your business.

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