How an All-in-One Restaurant Mgm Software can Help your Business Grow?

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27 Apr 2022


Like any other company, a restaurant has its operation and management system which comes with a lot of responsibilities. That includes managing; staff and welfare, accounts, menu, orders and deliveries, kitchen display, and many more. Due to this, restaurant owners spend more money employing staff members for the smooth operation and management of the restaurant.

Well, it can be a seamless task for the experienced individual, but what if you are new in the food industry and how do you go about it? Don’t worry because Whatfoodsmenu offers an all-in-one restaurant management system software to help you smoothly run your restaurant and grow your business. The software comes with handy tools/features that will make restaurant operation and management a straightforward and seamless process. Let’s look into the Whatfoodsmenu restaurant management software to understand how it will help your business grow.

What are the Features of Whatfoodsmenu Restaurant Management Software?

Whatfoodsmenu restaurant management software is an all-in-one solution integrated with computer functions and marketing components to manage the restaurant operation. That means, it can effectively handle and manage payment, order, delivery, marketing, accounts, internal operations, track sales, inventory, and so on. Whatfoodsmenu can handle everything mentioned above as well as those we haven’t mentioned because it comes with a plethora of features or handy tools. They include:

Inventory Management

With Whatfoodsmenu it can manage your inventory while monitoring, maintaining, and calculating each ingredient/recipe as per the restaurant unit of measurement and point of sale system {POS}. This tool is important as it helps you track down the ingredients/recipe if it is either out of stock or not from the inventory. The inventory management offers you the following functionality;

  • You can manage

Ingredient purchases and reorder from one place and all the stock-up data will reflect in the inventory system.

  • You can continuously

Track the level of ingredients in real-time from the software and customize the ingredients level according to your preference.

  • You can set up a

Low-stock limit notification alert to help identify which ingredient is almost running out of stock as per your requirement. This will help you stock up on the ingredient in advance to avoid inconvenience.

  • You can attach or fit

The recipe is in the inventory system and manage from a single location. For instance, if by any chance a client orders any food item related to any or all the ingredients it will automatically pop up in the inventory.

Table Management

Many restaurants put more effort to improve their customers’ dining experience by managing the table arrangement and their waitlists. Whatfoodsmenu offers a floor map for easy table management in multiple halls and even has a different price list for different halls. With a floor map, you can build and customize your floor map to match up your restaurant set up by utilizing the number of tables and seats depending on their sizes. Besides, you can provide pre-charts for dinner and lunch service to help restaurant staff determine which table is reserved or open.

  • Managing Takeaway Orders

Many customers prefer takeaway orders mostly when they have a busy schedule. However, the management of the takeaway order from the point of preparation to delivery determines the quality of your service. Consequently, quality service and on-time delivery will retain your clients for future orders. But with this feature you can do more than you think, including;

-You can continuously track the accessibility of ingredients in the inventory/menu in real-time without missing out on any order.

-Tracking the performance of the takeaway orders will offer a complete generated report on the takeaway orders.

-Automate calculation and produce a quick receipt of all transactions and invoices as well as tracking the number of monthly customers, invoices, and the total income generated. This reduces manual work, theft, and the number of employees required to perform the task.

-It provides phone support to allow you to manage takeaway orders via cellphone.

-You can manage takeaway orders in real-time, edit the menu/order, cancel/delete the order and track online payments and the time between ordering and delivery.

  • Food Delivery Service

Whatfoodsmenu software will help you manage and monitor the food delivery service effectively because it’s an element that determines your customer satisfaction. Therefore, on a single screen, this software will ensure timely food delivery and increase the sales and size of your order by:

-Tracking the location of your delivery agent time so that you can specify the closest delivery agent to deliver orders in real-time.

-Tracking your customers' orders and analyzing their satisfaction.

  • QR digital menu

Whatfoodsmenu offers a comprehensive digital QR menu that is compatible with all devices and configured with the POS system of your restaurant website. The digital QR menu will allow you to do the following:

-Accept local orders in real-time directly from the website and WhatsApp chart.

-Print and scan barcode tags for all your inventory items.

-Make real-time changes.

-Allow your customer to make a reservation.

-You can share the QR code menu on social platforms for branding/marketing purposes.

  • Digital payment

Also, Whatfoodsmenu software is integrated with a secure contactless payment system. This will allow your restaurant to tap on every opportunity because the digital/online payment methods are convenient and reliable. It allows visitors to split bills by dividing them into the number of visitors. Since digital payment is capable of monitoring the bills and visits of your clients, based on that report you can give loyalty points and gift cards to improve your customers’ experience.

  • Kitchen Display System (KDS)

The Kitchen Display System is also the key element to consider when it comes to the workflow organization in any restaurant. KDS system will modify the kitchen workflow including takeaway and dine-in food service. The KDS is integrated with the QR digital menu to minimize the workflow and too much interaction between clients and staff. Therefore, with this feature you can;

-Seamlessly manage orders from the kitchen, prepare the menu and quickly update your menu list. This will cut down the cost of printing and purchasing paper.

-Speed up the table service because the order is displayed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Better yet, this display will help you identify which dish should go on a particular table.

  • Restaurant POS System

The Whatfoodsmenu offers a Cloud-based POS system that is versatile and effective in initiating the communication between KDS and the staff. After scanning the QR code menu, the order will go through the Whatfoodsmenu software and link directly to the KDS. Most importantly, the POS system will also help you;

-Handle taxes and your restaurant’s accounts as well as calculate profits and loss.

-Track your inventory and organize the famous menu order from the famous item to the least one served in a day.

-Access to the backend part of the software which includes sales notification/alert, menu pricing, roles, receipts, and editing permissions.

Essential Backend Customization Features you MUST HAVE in your Restaurant Management System

  • Notification/Alerts

For you to stay updated and alert of any specific operation that is about to occur you must keep track of the entire restaurant operation. Whatfoodsmenu offer comes with the alert system onboard to help you set critical, limit, and warning alerts/notifications for the smooth operation of the restaurant. You can customize alerts based on price change, inventory information, number of sales, and so on.

  • Modifiers

This feature is purposely integrated into the system to allow your clients to add some modifiers like a snack, salad, etc. With modifiers, you can add a suggestion note not listed in the menu and help you modify the price respectively to the modifier. Moreover, it enables you to identify and be aware of your clients before the final order. Most importantly, modifiers can make changes during the order including the final price of the bill, and reflect the order in the KDS and Inventory management system.

  • Roles and Permission

Since this software provides an all-in-one management solution there are certain aspects of the software functionality that shouldn’t be accessed by every staff member. It is, therefore, recommended to allow your staff members to use this software depending on the restaurant chain of command and their roles. For instance, you can have major access to the top chain of command while you give table management systems and modifiers to the junior staff members.

  • Customized print receipts

Any restaurant management software should be integrated with receipts customization and printing features for customizing the receipt or the bill to your wish. The significance of this feature is to allow you to edit, redesign and change the overall details in the order and bill as well as taxes. Moreover, you can add a logo, the header, footer content, clients’ name, and a preview including the restaurants’ branches.

How an All-in-One Restaurant Management Software Can Help Your Business Grow?

Now you understand how Whatfoodsmenu works to help with the smooth operation and management of your restaurant. But it can also help your business grow by;

  • Increase Table Turnover Rate

Since the software will help organize and manage the tables and orders effectively, it will improve your service and customer satisfaction. Over time this will increase the number of clients dining in your restaurant as well as the income generated.

  • Increase Customer Loyalty

Because of the quality service and effective management software in place, it will retain your clients to make future orders and visit your restaurant on regular basis. This will make your customers feel like they are part of your restaurant thereby increasing their loyalty and even becoming potential advocates of your business.

You can also utilize the POS system functionality to pull your customer's contact for a marketing campaign through SMS and email notification. Moreover, you can design membership cards, issue loyalty programs, and gifts, and push notifications about the discounts and offers.

  • Improved Client Experience

Providing quality service, real-time delivery, and effective management doesn’t only increase the table turnover rate, but it also improves your clients’ experience. However, the table management, table service, ordering system, security, menu list, and time spent on delivering the food should be your top priority. This is because they influence the quality of your service and customers’ experience.

  • Improves your Business Upsell Techniques

Since the POS system allows you to add modifiers to the menu list, this will help you improve your restaurant servers’ upselling technique. In other words, you can include modifiers in the main menu to encourage clients to try your restaurant's favorite drink, salad, or more while they are waiting for their order to arrive. Due to this, it will grab the attention of your customers thereby improving the upsell technique of your business and your servers.

Benefits of the Whatfoodsmenu Restaurant Management Software to Both Restaurant Owners and Customers

Aside from the above-mentioned benefits, both the restaurant owner and customer can benefit from the Whatfoodsmenu restaurant management software. They include:

  • Cost-Efficient

Using this software to manage your restaurant will save you a lot of money in the long run and thus increasing the profitability of your business. That is, it cuts out on the number of employees to run and manage your restaurant because it can execute lots of functions like managing inventory, invoices, accounts, and design, editing, updating, and printing menu.

  • Effective management of the restaurant

With this software you can effectively utilize its feature to help you manage your staff, restaurant workflow, reserve bookings, manage tables, inventory, and many more. This will help you put the house in order seamlessly and improve your customers’ experience at the end.

  • It allows your clients to make early reservations/booking

Since this software is compatible with any Operating System including computers, smartwatches, iOS, and Android devices. Your clients can make an order from within their device screen display and reserve table effortlessly without making a call from anywhere at any time.

  • It is Secure

Rather than using money to pay the bill over the counter, this software is integrated with a secure cashless/digital payment system to support Debit, Credit Card, and modes of cashless payment. With that in mind, it encourages hygiene consciousness, especially at this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • It Engages Your Customers

Whatfoodsmenu offers WhatsApp chart functionality which is vital in boosting your business growth. That’s because you can create blogs, design new menus, stream marketing campaigns, send promotional messages, and many more by sharing via the restaurants’ WhatsApp website. This will help you target a large audience making it both engaging and attractive to a new prospect.

  • It will help you make Informed Decision

From the POS System, you can pull analytics and reports based on your inventory, famous recipe, customer feedback, customer behavior, order, and delivery report, and revenue generated. The significance of these reports is to shed light on what’s working and what is not. This will help you have a deeper insight into what to do next to improve the performance and management of your restaurant.

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